Trick Master PC :: How to Flash your GTX 780 with a High Performance ROM
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Learn How to Flash & Overclock your Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 BIOS

If you own a Geforce GTX 780, GTX 770 or GTX 760 graphics card and you want to learn how to use NvFlash to flash-mod your card with a customized high-performance ROM, then you've come to the right place! This tutorial will show you how to unlock the full overclocking potential of your GTX 780 and enable you to achieve the highest possible frame-rates in-game. The High-Performance GTX 780 ROM clock speeds are outstanding and tested completely stable when applied to a standard GTX 780 on water cooling. This process will work on any GTX 780 reference card. Please note that you must have sufficient air or water cooling to run your card at higher clocks speeds and voltages, otherwise GPU or Memory burn-out may occur. I recommend replacing your GPU thermal compound with Antec Forumla 7 Nano Diamond Thermal Compound, to ensure 100% efficiency in heat transfer from your GPU to the heat-sync.

Please note: the flashing process for the GTX 5,6 and 7 series cards varies from the GTX 9 series cards.
  • Step 1a Choose ROM File: Download the eVGA GTX 780 Hydro Copper ROM file v80.
    • 980 MHz Base Clock
    • 1033 MHz Boost Clock
    • 1133 MHz Boost Clock within Temperature Range
    • 3000 MHz Memory Clock
  • Step 1b Choose ROM File: Download the eVGA GTX 780 FTW ROM file v80.
    • 1006 MHz Base Clock
    • 1045.5 MHz Boost Clock
    • 1163 MHz Boost Clock within Temperature Range (on water cooling this will be your constant 3D clock)
    • 3105 MHz Memory Clock
  • Step 2: Download GPUz by TechPowerUp
  • Step 3: Download NvFlash
    • Create a folder on your C drive called "nvflash"
    • Extract NVFlash contents to C:/nvflash
    • Extract ROM (GK110.rom) into C:/nvflash
  • Step 4: Use GPUz to save a copy of your stock ROM image and store it for safe keeping
  • Step 5: Open the Admin Command Prompt
    • Type: cd C:/nvflash
    • Hit Enter
    • Type: nvflash gk110.rom -6
    • Hit Enter --- (please note if you have issues using -6 then please use -5 -6 and worst case scenario use -4 -5 -6)
    • Press "Y" to begin the flash process. It can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Upon completion you will hear an audible beep. If you have more than one graphics card, it will ask you to Press "Y" again to flash the next card and so on, until all cards have been flashed.
  • Step 6: Restart your Computer, the system will need to reinstall your Nvidia Geforce Drivers because it appears to the system as if you have installed new graphics card(s).
  • Step 7: You can use eVGA PrecisionX with OC Scanner installed to further overclock your new Hydro Copper Edition! Ensure you have adequate cooling.
  • Step 8: Check out my Tutorial on how to Enable PCIe 3.0 if you're running an x79 motherboard (by default you're running at PCIe 2.0 speeds).
  • Step 9: You can use the Kepler BIOS Tweaker v1.25 Program to perform additional modifications to your ROM file if desired.
It is possible to Flash the GPU BIOS of an ASUS, PNY or other manufacturer's graphics card with a custom ROM. Just use the command string as specified above with a -5 -6. Use the contact form if you have any questions
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